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Infrastructure Architecture

Access and Identity Management Page Identity and Access Management is a core infrastructure capability and is one of the most important components of an organization’s security infrastructure.
Capacity Planning Page The Capacity Planning architectural capability is going through a significant change at this time.
Common Application Services Page Directory services provide a number of benefits, mapping names to resources.
Data Center Design Page The architect needs to understand how to make technology trade-offs based on the business requirements for the data center.
Device Management Page The policies that are in place around the use of these devices is determine by requirements that are needed to support the specified device use scenarios.
Disaster Recovery and Backup Page IT is often tasked with creating disaster recovery plans and also assists with business continuity planning (BCP)
High Availability Computing Environment Page High Availability Computing Environment
Infrastructure RAS Page Infrastructure RAS
Network Design Page Network design is part of overall infrastructure design initiatives that deals with providing architectural framework for multiple layers of the data/voice n...
Operations Page In a properly run environment, all operating systems would be properly operationalized.
Provisioning Page Why Does an Architect need this Skill
System Management and Services Page System Management and Services