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Structured Canvases - Business

Agile Architect Team Designer Page Product and project team assignments and structure are deeply important to the success of any solution.
Architect Skills GAP Analysis Page The architect skills gap analysis is a small worksheet that is also supported by assessments.iasaglobal.org.
Architect Stakeholder Canvas Page The architect stakeholder canvas is a very powerful stakeholder tool.
Architects Roadmap Canvas Page The architects roadmap is used to prioritize, assign and connect multiple initiatives within a value stream.
Architecture Decision Cascade Card Page The decision cascade card looks for downstream impacts from a technology decision.
Architecture Decision Record Page The ADR provides a decision management tool for discrete decisions for traceability to ASR and usage.
Architecture Definition Canvas Page Architecture Definition Canvas
Architecture Hypothesis Canvas Page The hypothesis card is used to brainstorm hypothesis development in experimentation.
Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas Page Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas
Architecturally Significant Requirements Page The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement.
Bounded Context Canvas Page The bounded context helps design for DDD.
Business Capability Canvas Page Business Capability Canvas
Business Case: NABC Card Page The Business Case has many names and uses.
Business Model Canvas Page The BMC provides a business model on a page used for architecture and innovation.
Capability Card Page The capability card provides a capability analysis tool for understanding a business capability and its measurements.
Context View Card Page Context View Card
Customer Journey Map Page Customer Journey Map
Decision Bias Calibrator (1of 2) Page The bias calibrator helps architects determine whether cognitive bias is impacting their decisions.
Decision Bias Calibrator (2 of 2) Page Decision Bias Calibrator (2 of 2). The bias calibrator helps architects determine whether cognitive bias is impacting their decisions.
Experiment Card Page The experiment card provides a method for structuring an individual experiment.
Future Casting Canvas Page
Journey Stage Canvas Page Journey Stage Canvas
Layered Roadmap Canvas Page The layered roadmap provides a tool for understanding the business capability changes.
Mission Vision Card Page Mission Vision Card.
Modern Architecture Landscape One Card Page The modern architecture landscape describes technology
Modern Architecture Landscape Three Card Page Modern Architecture Landscape Three Card
Modern Architecture Landscape Two Card Page Modern Architecture Landscape Two Card
OKR Card Page OKR Card
Organization Principal Card Page Organization Principal Card
Persona Card Page Persona Card
Power – Interest Grid Page Power – Interest Grid
Product Design Canvas Page The product design canvas explores product thinking.
Product Roadmap Canvas Page Product Roadmap Canvas
QATT Card Page The Quality Attribute Card is built to create ATAM scenarios to test the architecture decisions and approaches of a particular architecture.
Risk and Cost Card Page The Risk and Cost Card allows the evaluation of risk or costs as well as the relationship between a risk and possible costs.
Service Blueprint Canvas Page Service Blueprint Canvas
Solution Design Canvas Page The solution design canvas helps explore solution design space.
Stakeholder Engagement Map Card Page The stakeholder empathy map is one of the most useful tools in the stakeholder cards and canvases as it allows a deep dive into stakeholder motivations.
Stakeholder Management Plan Page The stakeholder management plan provides the list of groups and individuals that impact any initiative and forms the core of the stakeholder templates, cards...
Strategic Roadmap Canvas Page The strategic roadmap canvas provides a description of a portfolio or top level strategic view of a set of initiatives, produce/projects or activities.
Technical Loan Request Card Page The technical loan request combines the concept of Technical Debt with a repayment schedule in work days, payment, or other means and allows the architect to...
Viewpoint Template Card Page The viewpoint template card is used to describe a viewpoint used by an architecture practice.