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Structured Canvases - Business

Agile Enterprise Impact Canvas Page The agile impact canvas is used to describe the overall impact of agile methods on an enterprise, team, or domain.
Architect Stakeholder Canvas Page The architect stakeholder canvas is a very powerful stakeholder tool.
Architect Stakeholder Card Page Architect Stakeholder Card
Architects Engagement Touchpoints Page The architects engagement touch points is used to understand the stakeholder(s) and their levels that the architecture practice 'touches'.
Architects Process Engagement Canvas Page Architects Process Engagement Canvas
Architecture Decision Cascade Card Page The decision cascade card looks for downstream impacts from a technology decision.
Architecture Decision Record Page The ADR provides a decision management tool for discrete decisions for traceability to ASR and usage.
Architecture Hypothesis Canvas Page The hypothesis card is used to brainstorm hypothesis development in experimentation.
Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas Page Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas
Architecturally Significant Requirements Card Page The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement.
ARS Card Page The ARS is used in agile architecture environments and mimics the epic or the detailed story while evaluating the requirement. Similar to ASR.
Architecturally Significant Requirements Page The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement.
Benefit Dependency Network Canvas Page Benefit Dependency Network Canvas
Benefits Realization View Canvas Page Benefits Realization View Canvas
Blue Ocean Canvas Page Blue Ocean Canvas
Canvas Flow Map Page Canvas Flow Map
Context View Card Page Context View Card
Course Change Card Page Course Change Card
Decision Bias Calibrator (1 of 2) Page The bias calibrator helps architects determine whether cognitive bias is impacting their decisions.
Demand Signal Card Page Demand Signal Card
Doability Canvas Page Doability Canvas
Governance Page These norms, values and policies may be specific to the organization and to the industry sector the organization is involved in.
Impact Effort Assessment Card Page Impact Effort Assessment Card
Market Segmentation Canvas Page Market Segmentation Canvas
Mission Vision Card Page Mission Vision Card.
Modern Architecture Landscape Three Card Page Modern Architecture Landscape Three Card
Modern Architecture Landscape Two Card Page Modern Architecture Landscape Two Card
OKR Card Page OKR Card
Organization Principal Card Page Organization Principal Card
Persona Card Page Persona Card
QATT Card Page The Quality Attribute Card is built to create ATAM scenarios to test the architecture decisions and approaches of a particular architecture.
Service Contract Canvas Page Service Contract Canvas
Service Domain Canvas Page Service Domain Canvas
Service Interface Design Canvas Page The service interface design canvas fully describes the elements needed to describe a product.
Service Landscape Canvas Page When delivering many services within a large organization, services have to be placed within some sort of organizational structure, otherwise it would be dif...
Stakeholder Motivation Canvas Page Stakeholder motivation helps in understanding the status of stakeholders in respect of a particular set of proposed changes.
Technology Tracker Card Page The technology tracker helps architects evaluate a new technology tracker for impacts on their environment.