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IT Environment

Application Development Page Application development defines and describes the varying approaches to building applications and includes COTS package selection and implementation and infr...
Asset Management Page Understands primary concepts in asset management
Change Management Page Architectural change management is the process by which the architecture is moved into production and the target
Decision Support Page Decision support includes all aspects that influence the way that significant decisions are made in an organization.
Governance Page IT governance focuses on delivering business value of technology through four focus areas
Infrastructure Page All architectures which will leverage information technology assets will ultimately depend on IT infrastructure to operate.
IT Environment Page Technical Project Management Asset Management Change Management Infrastructure Application Development Governance Testing Methods, Tools, and Techniques Knowledge Management Decision Support Platforms and Frameworks ...
Knowledge Management Page The architect needs to understand what are the Critical items of knowledge in the Organisation that will add value.
Platforms and Frameworks Page An understanding of how platforms and frameworks relate to each other and the ability to evaluate frameworks against each other in specific and different con...
Technical Project Management Page Technical Project Management differs from Administrative Project Management in that specific knowledge about technologies, applied methodologies and developm...
Testing Methods, Tools, and Techniques Page Within the activity of testing are put on trial two aspects of software quality