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Structured Canvases - Business

Agile Enterprise Impact Canvas Page The agile impact canvas is used to describe the overall impact of agile methods on an enterprise, team, or domain.
Agile Architect Team Designer Page Product and project team assignments and structure are deeply important to the success of any solution.
Architect Ethical Principles Page The architect ethical principles canvas is the 11 ethical guidelines to which Iasa architects must adhere.
Architect Organization Capability Canvas Page The architecture organization canvas is a kind of business capability card specifically tailored to understanding and improving the architecture capability o...
Architect Skills GAP Analysis Page The architect skills gap analysis is a small worksheet that is also supported by assessments.iasaglobal.org.
Architect Stakeholder Canvas Page The architect stakeholder canvas is a very powerful stakeholder tool.
Architect Stakeholder Card Page Architect Stakeholder Card
Architect Team Goals Canvas Page The team goals canvas is a tool to understand the relationship to architecture practice objectives.
Architects Engagement Touchpoints Page The architects engagement touch points is used to understand the stakeholder(s) and their levels that the architecture practice 'touches'.
Architects Process Engagement Canvas Page Architects Process Engagement Canvas
Architecture Decision Record Page The ADR provides a decision management tool for discrete decisions for traceability to ASR and usage.
Architecture Hypothesis Canvas Page The hypothesis card is used to brainstorm hypothesis development in experimentation.
Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas Page Architecture Pains and Gains Canvas
Architecturally Significant Requirements Card Page The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement.
ARS Card Page The ARS is used in agile architecture environments and mimics the epic or the detailed story while evaluating the requirement. Similar to ASR.
Benefit Card Page Benefit Card
Benefit Dependency Network Canvas Page Benefit Dependency Network Canvas
Benefits Realization View Canvas Page Benefits Realization View Canvas
Blue Ocean Canvas Page Blue Ocean Canvas
Business Capability Canvas Page Business Capability Canvas
Business Case: NABC Card Page The Business Case has many names and uses.
Business Model Canvas Page The BMC provides a business model on a page used for architecture and innovation.
Canvas Flow Map Page Canvas Flow Map
Capability Card Page The capability card provides a capability analysis tool for understanding a business capability and its measurements.
Communication Strategy Page Communication Strategy
Context View Card Page Context View Card
Course Change Card Page Course Change Card
Customer Journey Map Page Customer Journey Map
Decision Bias Calibrator (1 of 2) Page The bias calibrator helps architects determine whether cognitive bias is impacting their decisions.
Decision Bias Calibrator (2 of 2) Page Decision Bias Calibrator (2 of 2)
Demand Signal Card Page Demand Signal Card
Development Value Stream Canvas Page Development Value Stream Canvas
Doability Canvas Page Doability Canvas
Ecosystem Map Page An ecosystem can be viewed from many different perspectives, and each organization will have its own set of interests in the ecosystem.
Envisioning Canvas Page Envisioning Canvas
Impact Effort Assessment Card Page Impact Effort Assessment Card
Journey Stage Canvas Page Journey Stage Canvas
JTBD Forces Page JTBD Forces
Layered Roadmap Canvas Page The layered roadmap provides a tool for understanding the business capability changes.
Market Segmentation Canvas Page Market Segmentation Canvas
Product Roadmap Canvas Page Product Roadmap Canvas
QATT Card Page The Quality Attribute Card is built to create ATAM scenarios to test the architecture decisions and approaches of a particular architecture.
Service Landscape Canvas Page When delivering many services within a large organization, services have to be placed within some sort of organizational structure, otherwise it would be dif...
Stakeholder Initiative Canvas Page The stakeholder initiatives canvas is useful in determining prioritization of products and projects according a particular stakeholder or a stakeholder group...
Stakeholder Motivation Canvas Page Stakeholder motivation helps in understanding the status of stakeholders in respect of a particular set of proposed changes.
Strategic Roadmap Canvas Page The strategic roadmap canvas provides a description of a portfolio or top level strategic view of a set of initiatives, produce/projects or activities.
Strategy Scorecard Canvas Page The strategy scorecard is a combination of a strategy map and a balanced scorecard.
Three Horizon Canvas Page The three horizons canvas is a facilitation tool to allow a practice or group to determine on which of the horizons initiatives fall into based on their impa...
Transition Roadmap Canvas Page The transition roadmap canvas helps to define the major changes which are needed to transform the business to a state which will meet the vision.
Value Stream Canvas Page The value stream canvas is used to understand where value is created in an organization driven from customers through control, suppliers and operations.
Westrum Culture Diagnostic Page The Westrum Culture Diagnostic helps teams and organizations understand the culture they are working within to better understand their engagement model.